TNICC – The Netherlands Indoor Cricket Championship




1. The normal laws of cricket will apply unless otherwise stated.

2. Each squad will consist of a maximum of eight (8) players. Tournament fee will be 175 Euros per squad.


3. Each team will have six players, who will be nominated by the captain before the match begins and cannot be changed during the match in case of injury. Substitute fielders will be allowed with the consent of the referee. Each team will be provided with a new ball at the beginning of each inning.


4. Each match will be of ten overs of six balls duration, with each batting side facing a maximum of five overs. No bowler may bowl more that one (1) over in each match. If two (2) or more players are unable to bowl through injury the opposing captain will decide which of the ‘fit’ players will bowl the missing overs.


5. Before the match the captains will toss a coin with the winner deciding which team will bat/bowl first.


6. Runs will be scored exactly as in ‘normal’ cricket. However, wides and no-balls will count four (4) runs plus anything hit or run by the batsmen. This means that a no-ball hit for six (6) will count as six (6) runs to the batsman plus four (4) extras, and a wide that reaches the boundary will count as eight (8) extras. Markings will be provided to aid umpires with decisions on what constitutes a wide ball.


7. In the group level matches no extra balls will be bowled for no-balls and wides. Extra balls for no balls and wides will be bowled in the Semi-Finals and Final of the tournament.


8. There will be no Leg Before Wickets (LBW) and no Leg-Byes. In this situation if the batsmen is out of the crease then fielding team has all rights to run him out.


9. There will be a no-ball line near the middle of the pitch. Any ball patching before the line shall be considered as a NO BALL.


10. Any ball rising above the Chest Height after pitching shall be considered as a NO-BALL. Any Full Toss above waist height shall be a NO BALL.


11. There will be a height line on the side-walls and back-wall. Any shot hitting directly above the line shall be given OUT. Height of the line shall be approx. 2.5 Meters.


12. If the body of the fielder touches any boundary wall while fielding or catching the ball then this action can be considered as legitimate.


13. The referee will nominate umpires. Umpires will not be changed during a match so that the same umpires will officiate for both innings’ and will interpret the ‘wide’ rule in the same way for both teams. One of the umpires will also keep a tally score.


14. The tournament organizers will nominate one scorer per game. The scorer will ensure that the scoreboard is kept up-to-date throughout the game.


15. Five (5) batsmen must be dismissed for the innings to be completed before the five (5) overs have been bowled.


16. In the initial group level matches of the tournament, each team will play all of the other teams in their group once. Two (2) points will be awarded for a win, one (1) for a tie, and none (0) for a defeat.


17. The team scoring the most runs in their five (5) overs will be declared the winner. In the event of a match finishing with the scores level the match will be declared a tie.


18. At the end of the group level matches, if teams are level. The team with higher NRR shall proceed to next round. NRR is calculated in the same way as per ICC Guidelines.


19. In case of a TIE in Semi-Finals and Final, a super-over shall be bowled to decide the winner.


20. The semi-finals and final will be played under the same rules as the rest of the tournament.


21. On each pitch there will be one referee nominated by the tournament organizers.


22. There will be limited run-ups for bowlers, which will be marked.


23. All the players participating in this event should wear minimum protective guards while batting or keeping the wickets. TNICC event organizers will not take responsibility for any minor or major injuries during the course of the play.


24. Wicket Keeper shall be allowed to wear the gloves while keeping.


25. We advise you to wear Non-marking shoes as games will be played Indoor on Wooden Floor.


26. The registered teams should get their personal cricketing gears.(bats/own protective gears etc).


27. TNICC organizing committee has every right to alter/adjust the matches/timings during the day of the event to accommodate all the planned matches.

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